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Warm Floors

EASYHEAT® Warm Tiles® Electric Floor Warming Systems have been providing economical, energy efficient warmth under tile, stone, laminates and engineered wood* floors for over 40 years. The Warm Tiles system installs quickly in both new construction and remodeling projects of any size or shape. EASYHEAT has one of the strongest warranties in the industryl, so you have the assurance of a professional quality floor warming system that’s right for you.

The Warm Tiles Cable system provides unlimited design configurations for even the most difficult shaped room. The Warm Tiles cable allows you to install full floor warming coverage by lacing the cable on the floor wherever you require a heated area. Two different spacing options enable these extremely flexible cables to be installed virtually anywhere.

Your Warm Tiles thermostat will regulate only enough electricity to heat your floor to the desired temperature. When the floor reaches your preset temperature, the electricity will cycle off. Since the electricity is generating warmth about one-third of the time, the cost savings are significant. On average, the operating cost is 1¢ per heated square foot per day, regardless of the size of your installation.

For pricing and electrical requirements call us at GLB Tile & Marble for assistance.